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    Almonds are lowest calorie nuts & promote weight loss.
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    Walnut consumption boosts brain health.
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    Raisin is a diabetic’s favourite dessert.
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Kashmir Walnut


Snap, crunch, yum! When they said that the simplest looking nuts pack the most power, they were definitely referring to walnuts, almonds, cashewnuts and the entire Nut Family. Rich in monosaccharides and healthy fats, nuts are a much needed addition for a healthy heart.

Handpicked from some of the best sources in the world, Walnuts and Almonds from Ambrosia are made to delight every taste bud.

At Ambrosia, the walnuts are made available in the premium grade in-shell and standard kernel forms. A healthy snack, an on-the-go breakfast or an added delight to your desserts - almonds from Ambrosia add that much needed oomph factor to your desserts and sweets.

Whole, untouched and stuffed with sheer goodness, devoid of any chemicals, walnuts from Ambrosia conform to the food regulations and are available in sizes as prescribed by the USDA Standards.

We promise the best taste, with our vacuum lock resealable packaging

we vaccum package our walnuts for best quality

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Dried Fruits

Many of us are under the misconception that dried fruits when consumed regularly, pile up calories. As a matter of fact, some select dried fruits, when consumed in proportionate amounts with normal fruit portions during the day, can help you stay slim and fit at the same time!

Since the good old days, dried fruits like black raisins, dates, pistachios have been our granny’s preferred health food for the grandkids. A rich source of Vitamins, energy and healthy fats dried fruits are a blessing for healthy skin and hair.

Foods and fruits that have a glycemic index of more than 50 are said to trigger diabetes. Dried fruits like Raisins, have a glycemic index of 46, making it an absolutely safe sweet snack for the sugar conscious.

Dry fruits at Ambrosia are sourced directly from the farms, hand sorted and packed to retain the nutrients. All the processes used to clean and sort the dried fruits involve no chemical processes and are absolutely safe, giving you premium quality and a wholesome product.

Transparency in process to give you uniform taste and quality



Originally adapted from Greek Mythology, Ambrosia translates to food or drink which bestows longevity on whoever consumes it. And we want to give you nothing less than that! At Ambrosia, every nut and dried fruit is plucked with love, handled with care and nurtured with a blessing of good health to everyone who consumes it. Sourced from the best and choicest growers around the world, Ambrosia’s nuts and dried fruits guarantee taste and nutrition of the same quality to all our consumers.

" Your health is our legacy "

we vaccum package our walnuts for best quality


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