Walnut Kernel Almonds

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About the product

Cashews are essential for a healthier mind, heart and immune system. They are rich in vitamins, niacin, and proteins.

Ambrosia Nuts not only bring their rich, savoring taste to your delicacies, but are also instrumental in providing enriched nutrients for cognitive and physical growth.

Sourced from the finest traditional farms, our specialists handpick these ‘Select’ produce carefully to ensure that the maximum nutrition from the farm reaches your food.

Through multiple quality checks, cleaning and advanced packaging, Ambrosia ensures an enhanced shelf-life while preserving the healthy, natural taste of the produce.

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Product Specifications

  • Product
    Walnut Kernels Standard
  • Speciality
    100% natural. Does not contain preservatives
  • Weight
  • Country of Origin
    India - Kashmiri
  • Form
  • Storage Instruction
    Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening
  • Key Features
    Vaccum packed to retain freshness

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