Walnut Kernel Almonds

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About the product

Ambrosia Exotic Walnut Inshell are the healthiest nuts. These walnuts are full of antioxidants. These include copper, folic acid, phosphorus, manganese, and vitamin E.

They are soft and amazing in taste. These Walnuts are relished by children and grownups alike. They are an excellent source of several vitamins and minerals. Walnuts are most often eaten on their own as a snack, they can also be added to salads, pasta, breakfast cereals, soups, and baked goods.

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Product Specifications

  • Product
    Walnut Kernels Standard
  • Weight
  • Country of Origin
    India - Kashmiri
  • Form
  • Storage Instruction
    Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening
  • Key Features
    Vaccum packed to retain freshness

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